The Rise of the Bento: 4 Reasons Why the Bento Has Always Been Appealing

bento - The Rise of the Bento: 4 Reasons Why the Bento Has Always Been Appealing

Just what is a ‘bento’ anyway? What exactly about it has captured the interest and attention of the consumer market at large? This is something that we’ll be discussing today.

What is a ‘bento’?

The term ‘Bento’ is something that finds its roots in Japan. They’re usually referred to as a home-made meal that’s packed in a little box for take-out. It is usually considered a full meal with rice, meat, veggies, and even some soup in a different container.

It is also known as a ‘lunch box’. So how did a humble lunch box take over the collective interest of people all over the world? We’ve got four particular reasons for that:

They’re easy to make

The humble bento started rather plain. It was a simple serving of rice with a plum in the center, a couple of egg rolls, maybe some slices of fruit and some sliced veggies. So they were quite easy to make for any homemaker who wanted to make sure their kid or their husbands ate well while away from the home for the day.

While the bento has evolved to some really elaborate looking ones, they’re still pretty easy to make. All you have to do is to stick to the recipe.

bento2 - The Rise of the Bento: 4 Reasons Why the Bento Has Always Been Appealing

They’re easy to eat

The bento box has a very neat presentation of the food. The diner will take off the lid and start to eat the meal inside. The portions are neatly rolled and often slices of fruit or meat are accompanied with little toothpicks which allow for a smooth eating experience.

They’ve got controlled portions

The bento box doesn’t have a lot of space so the portions are carefully thought out and weighed. So if you’re trying to count your calories, a bento will be your greatest helper. It’s easier to stick to a diet if you’re using a bento because of the controlled portions.

They’re highly photogenic

One of the greatest features of a modern bento box is that it is highly photogenic. A lot of thought and care has been given into building the bento so you just can’t help but show it off. For a restaurant or café, a bento is a great calling card to use.

Consumers are highly invested in having something added to their carefully curated online image. So if you can get your bento to trend, you can expect a massive influx of clients coming in for it.

In The End

A bento is no longer something that is restricted to the homemaker or a student. The bento box has made its way into the restaurant industry where servings are given in a bento set. Not only is it a complete meal in a single serving but they’re also Instagram magnets. So they’re a great way to reach out to different generations.

Why do you think the bento is appealing?

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