Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu – Sweets & Savouries (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Blanche)
Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Cassandra)Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu – Tea Selection (Image from OpenRice)Old Boys Gallery (Image from OpenRice)

Old Boys Gallery

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Old Boys Gallery is the latest addition to the neighbourhood of Kampong Bahru, serving western-fusion with more than 50 different variety of craft beers and ciders to suit every palate. This was formerly an art gallery but has now been transformed into a bistro where food meets art.

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Old Boys Gallery will be serving up a Tea Menu for this year’s Café Week. Menu items with an asterisk (*) tagged to it are items specially created for this year’s Café Week.


Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu

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Address: 67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169371

Review by NOM’S brand ambassador, Blanche:

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Blanche)

Delectably refreshing and light, the adorable crab stuffed cherry tomatoes not only screams fusion- appetizer, but also gives a mouthful of delight for our taste buds to be prepared with the more savoury items to come.

The scotch egg, essentially a hard-boiled egg wrapped with flawlessly seasoned pork meat pattie then deep fried to aptness – was pretty much a fair favourite among us, especially when it was drizzled with balsamic vinegar & honey mustard dressing (which was meant for the salad, but incredibly impeccable for the scotch eggs as well).

The lavender butter cream diffuses a subtly strong floral accent to the light fluffy cake, much to the point one may think it overpowers the other flavours, but it did not & this is definitely one item I’d
return for more.

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu - French Rose and Snow Chrysanthemum tea

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu – French Rose and Snow Chrysanthemum tea (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Blanche)

While the French Rose tea (front) exudes a relatively pleasant floral scent with its delicate and mild sweet natural blend, we all agreed on a unanimous preference towards their Snow Chrysanthemum (back). An organic burgundy red, the tea brews up to a darker hue and has a delightful honey-floral essence. Nonetheless, both tea were remarkably smooth from start to finish, of which aftertaste were also lightly sweet. Though with regards to the complementary element to the tea platter, I
personally would opt for the latter.

Review by NOM’S brand ambassador, Cassandra:

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Cassandra)

Though small, the Cherry Tomatoes were stuffed with flavors from the crabmeat and the cheese. Interesting combination of the crabmeat with the tomatoes and it serves as a pleasant start of the meal.

As for the scotch eggs, there is a difference in textures – a crisp outer layer with flavorful pork meat that is seasoned well. Do try the scotch eggs with the greens dressed in balsamic vinaigrette and honey mustard.

Moving on to the Beef slider, it consists of onions, bacon, lettuce, quail egg, beef patty and a slice of pineapple. The balance between sweet and savory was just right, sweetness coming from the caramelized onions and pineapple and savory from the beef patty and bacon. The bun was toasted slightly, but not long enough to my liking.

To my most favorite item on the list: the cakes. First, the Earl Grey with Lavender Cake. The marriage between the earl grey and lavender is evident here. The butter cream is a bit on the heavy, but it balances off with the cake. Next, the Coconut cake that is the best seller of the café, pairs off nicely with the gula melaka (brown sugar). This cake reminded me of the traditional malay kuehs, which makes this cake very ‘asian’.

Last but not least, the Blueberry tart with Lemon Curd & Cream Cheese. Lemon curd was sweet enough to cover the tartness of the lemon flavor. Highly recommended for the citrus lovers. The tart base can be a bit crumbly (it was meant to be) as it was hand made.

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu

Old Boys Gallery Tea Menu (Image from NOM’S Brand Ambassador, Cassandra)

We were served with an elegant presentation of the tea sets. The French Rose Tea has a pale yellow color and it has a very mild rose infused taste that is soothing to the throat. As for the Snow Chrysanthemum Tea, it is amber-orange in color. Its taste is reflective of its color, with notes of honey and chrysanthemum flower. Everyone’s favorite seemed to be the Snow Chrysanthemum. Personally, I felt that the Snow Chrysanthemum is good as its own and I would choose the French Rose to pair with the tea set platter.

All in all, a pleasant visit that is perfect for having heart-to-heart conversations over a cup of tea with delightful snacks and desserts.


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