Not Just Real Life: Popular Anime Focused On the Topic of Food and Restaurants

img - Not Just Real Life: Popular Anime Focused On the Topic of Food and Restaurants

If there was anything that you can rely on is that when something is deeply ingrained in our collective spheres of consciousness, it will eventually find its way into anime. Anime, otherwise known as Japanese cartoons, have been making waves all over the world. Anime series have a way of depicting real life and even highly surreal ones.

This is why anime is highly capable of starting trends in communities. In today’s discussion, we wanted to take a look at popular anime that have heavily featured food or restaurants. Let’s get started!

Cooking Master Boy

This is one of the older anime in our list. This tale follows the progress of Liu Mao Tsing, a young chef in China. In this world, China takes its culinary work rather seriously where you cannot even open up your restaurant if you have not passed specific tests set out by the government. In their society, there is a “Super Chef” test that rarely anyone ever passes.

We follow young Mao’s journey as he tries to inherit his late mother’s famous restaurant. In his journey he takes us through different native recipes, ingredients, and even ‘legendary’ cooking utensils. It’s a great way to learn something new and enjoy the way that Chinese tend to showcase their reactions as indicative of their movies.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

This one is quite new with its fourth season currently running. It follows the story of Yuhikira Soma and his adventures in the world famous culinary school Totsuki. This anime takes a very academic approach to food.

They even have a great emphasis on the individual specialties and their families’ established restaurants. So the audiences really get to see what goes into flavors, making new recipes, and all new ways to achieve certain effects. Culinary students will get to enjoy their discussions on different ingredients and molecular gastronomy.


This one follows a bittersweet anime about a bartender named Ryu Sasakura. Every episode introduces new characters and new drinks. What is particularly fascinating about this anime is that the audiences are treated to more than just the beautiful motions of mixing a drink.

We get to explore more about the history of certain drinks and we find out more about the people who were behind them. It also offers great insight toward the interior design of a restaurant or bar—a good reference for anyone looking to open their own establishment one day.

In The End

Anime has really come a long way from just being about ninjas with a nine-tailed fox in them to showing slice of life stories which can really help viewers obtain a better understanding of the culinary world. There are so many other anime out there that’s about food, too.

Which anime which centers on food or restaurants have you seen?

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