Let’s Talk Ingredients: Things to Remember When Looking For Suppliers

supply - Let’s Talk Ingredients: Things to Remember When Looking For Suppliers

A couple of months back, we mentioned how the suppliers play an integral part of the menu building process. Today, we wanted to elaborate a bit more about what you should look for in your suppliers. Your suppliers will be responsible in making sure that your restaurant will have what it needs before you have to open up again for the day.

Making food and offering beverages will supplies. So it will be highly important that you choose the right sort of suppliers so you don’t end up having to say ‘out of stock’ to a hungry customer. Here are a few of the things that you should remember when looking for suppliers:


You need to set a budget for your supplies. Exceeding this budget or choosing an expensive supplier will not benefit you in the least. In fact, this can be one of the leading causes of your restaurant’s downfall. You need to work closely with your accountants and make sure that you have a clear understanding of what your margin of spending is to stay in the green.


The location of your supplier will play a part in how much their services will cost, how often you will need to order a supply, and how large of an order you will need to make. In this case, it is often ideal that you find a supplier that is relatively near your restaurant.

This way, they can’t gut you for transportation costs.

qualit - Let’s Talk Ingredients: Things to Remember When Looking For Suppliers


The quality of the supplies must be topnotch if you’re ever going to consider choosing a particular supplier. The quality of your supplies will definitely affect the overall quality of the food that you’re serving your customers.

That last thing you will want is to serve substandard food to a paying customer. Then, there’s also the possibility of people getting sick from bad quality supplies. So it’s always important to be discerning of who you pick.


The very best suppliers will come highly recommended in the food industry. In which case, you will want to ask around to het a pulse on who is a good supplier and who isn’t. This should help narrow down your choices.

In The End

The supplier that you choose can make the difference between a smoothly running establishment and one that gets angry reviews. It can be unfair but that’s the way the world goes—this is why it is utterly tantamount that the supplier that you choose is wholly reliable. If you can, you should also have a ready list of secondary suppliers in case something goes wrong.

What do you consider when choosing your suppliers?

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