Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

cafe - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

If a full blown restaurant is deemed to be a bit too intimidating, a café is often a good choice for budding business owners! Today, we wanted to discuss some of the more popular café trends around the world. When people say ‘café’, you’re not in the wrong if you think of pastries, slices of cake, and a good cup of coffee.

Not necessarily restricted to coffee, cafes have a variety of trends which keep things fresh and interesting. Like:

All Natural Cafes

These cafes have really taken a spike in the last couple of years. Consumers have become really health conscious in the past new years. It’s also a recent trend that healthy food was no longer restricted to simple salads.

All natural and even vegan options are now attracting people in droves. It’s a good way to cash in on a market that really looking for more healthy options for their meals.

cafe2 - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

Themed Cafes

This was something that was usually limited to Japan. As more and more people embraced their culture, more and more people saw that there was a distinct appeal in themed cafes. These cafes can range from being school themed to something more fanciful like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

These themed cafes often have their menus match the source theme. For example, if they were doing a Harry Potter themed café, the menu would have certain ‘food’ made popular by the source material like Butterbeer.

Pop-Up Cafes

This is often the new age tester of anyone who wanted to see how effective their menu or gimmick was. These are often temporary stations that are used to gauge the interest that the public has on the offerings that the owner or the chef is trying to establish.

cafe3 - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

What’s great about pop-up cafes is that their temporary status makes the consumer actively look for you. These are great marketing tools that let’s the consumer know you before you setup your brick and mortar location.

In The End

Cafes are a great way to get the pulse on what sort of processes and approaches will be needed when you want to venture into something a bit more formal. Cafes are different from restaurants in the sense that cafes often have a homier feel to it and do not necessarily offer larger meals. Café trends tend to come and go but the really good ones have a pretty loyal fan base.

If you had your own café, what sort of trend would it have?

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