No plans for the weekend? Why not head down to one of these 3 cafes! Mad photogenic food shots from these cafes are splashed all over Instagram, and they are currently making us so very hungry!

Curious Palette


What’s the hype: Absolutely gorgeous plates of food, especially its hotcakes. Is it worth the $19 odd price tag? We think it’s worth a try!

What others have said about them:

Featured image from Daniel Food Diary

“This place is an Food Instagrammers’ paradise.”

-Daniel Food Diary (@danielfooddiary)


Featured Image from Hannah Chia

“A beautiful plate of Berries Ricotta Hotcake ($18.90) like this is definitely a welcoming sight to start the day. Love the lovely touch of lavander infused sugar. Not only does it adds colour, it elavated the overall taste. It feels like spring is here when tge hotcake is eaten together with the berries, sunflower seeds & lavander infused sugar.”

-Hannah Chia (@hannahchiafoodtrail)


Address: 64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667


Brother Bird

Mochi donut 🍩🍩 #brotherbird 🐤🐤

A photo posted by espe (@stefanikhoe) on


What’s the hype: What caught our eye first was the name of the café. Upon closer inspection, we realised that it was a soft serve ice cream parlour. What sets this place apart from the other soft serve ice cream shops out? We reckon it is the mochi donut!


What others have said about them:

Featured image from Exploding Belly

“I really enjoyed my soft serves at Brother Bird Bali! The flavors were unique and definitely did not disappoint. Even though the price may be slightly high, I thought the quantity and the quality of the toppings made up for it!”

-Clara Chua (@explodingbelly)


Featured image from Rachel Xie


“A different kind of doughnut, made with glutinous rice flour so its body is dense and chewy within a lightly crisp, sugar-glazed exterior. I liked the texture, though the sheer massiveness of the doughnut was too much for me to stomach; I think this might actually fare better if portioned as bite-sized dango-like balls!”

Rachel Xie (@rachelxie)


Address: 30 Bali lane, Singapore 189966


Benjamin Browns Bistro and Bakery

Taste of Happiness , 🍫 💛 🍌 ; is the level of sinfulness even legal? 😈

A photo posted by SWEETING'S (@gnits) on


What’s the hype: Once upon a time, Milkshake went to take part in Tyra Bank’s ANTM. Milkshake ended up with a really stunning makeover. And this is what Benjamin Browns’ Over-The-Top shakes look like. Super impressive. #MOTD (milkshake of the day)


What others have said about them:

Featured image from Jennifer Yeo

“An awesome combination of drink and dessert in one shake. My shake was topped with wafer, love letter, biscuit banana sandwich and a mini slice of Nutella cake. Two thumbs up.”

-Jennifer Yeo (@qiuuing)


Featured image from Sam Sumarli

“So to be honest I came here because of how crazy this #overthetop #Nutella and #Banana #milkshake looked. Sadly the 4 of us couldn’t even finish this cup! Lol. It’s not bad and I loved how they were really creative with their toppings, but it just got a little overwhelmingly sweet after a while. Of course, this wasn’t the easiest drink to share either but I can’t imagine finishing a cup on my own!”

-Sam Sumarli

Address: #01-20/21, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884






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