We are psyched! The local café culture seems to be getting increasingly diverse with more international café brands coming in. Here are 3 new cafes to look out for that will be coming to Singapore within the next few months!

1. Churro101sg

Featured image from Churro101

 A popular South Korean churros chain is coming to Singapore in October! There used to be a churros hype sometime back, and I think Churro101 might just be the one to revive the churros craze! We’re really looking forward to some yummy churro goodness from them!


When is it opening: 3 October 2015

Location: Bugis +, #04-01


2. Joe & The Juice 

Featured image from Joe & The Juice

Another juice/smoothie bar in Singapore? We are confident that this Danish brand will definitely stand its own against other juice-centric places like Smoothie King and Boost Juice Bar. Just take a look at the video and you’ll be hooked!



When is it opening: Last quarter of 2015

Location: Unknown


3. Caffe Bene

Featured image from Caffe Bene


The South Korean café giant is making its way to Singapore! With over 1500 outlets in South Korea, we are expecting Caffe Bene to make some waves in the local café scene. Get ready to indulge in more bingsu, honey bread, and delicious coffee where the coffee bean is roasted before being blended, ensuring that the unique flavor of each type of bean is kept.


When is it opening: Last quarter of 2015

Location: Unknown
I’m counting the days to 3rd October!




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