Nomnom was founded from a single belief – that small businesses with limited resources could grow through sharing and leveraging resources. This, coupled with our passion for food, inspired us to create a win-win business that focuses on helping cafés overcome their resource constraints, while ensuring that customers benefit too. In whatever we do, we seek to create and maximize value for our café partners, and our customers.

Currently, Nomnom manages 3 main arms of business:

A premier membership club established to celebrate the café hopping lifestyle where members get exclusive dining privileges, priority access and preferential rates to food and lifestyle events. Join the club if you are a serious café hopper!

For individuals or corporates who want a tailored and personalised butler service for their customized desserts, catering or gifting needs.

Providing busy individuals with a quick and convenient platform to purchase desserts.

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NOM’S Club

Meet NOM'S, the premier cafe-hopping membership club! With NOM'S, your gastronomic experience gets even sweeter because of the perks and privileges that are available to you as a NOM'S member.

We have strived hard to make this possible, and we hope that you enjoy it.