7 Cost-Saving Tricks for Your Restaurant

food2 - 7 Cost-Saving Tricks for Your Restaurant

There are many clever ways to help your restaurant save thousands every year. Imagine what you can do for your restaurant with all these money. Today we share 7 ways to help your restaurant cut back on costs:

1. Engage Your Employees

Without the understanding and participation of your whole team, any changes you want to implement will take a longer to happen. Simply telling your employees without letting them know why you are adopting a cost-saving strategy may not bring about change. Gather your team and motivate and engage them to share ways they can help contribute to the restaurant’s new direction.

Make sure everyone knows what the new changes are and how much money it would save the business.

Next, make realistic goals and motivate your team to take proactive measures such as turning off lights when not in use. Reward the team when goals are met.

2. Ensuring a Safe Workplace Environment

Ensuring a safe workplace environment in your restaurant reduces workplace accidents and helps reduces business costs and disruptions . If an employee is seriously injured during a workplace accident or if a fire breaks out in your establishment, the consequences would be disastrous for any restaurant owner.

Prevention is always better than cure. Start practising workplace safety by firstly getting a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit if you don’t have them in your restaurant. In addition, make it compulsory for all your staff to wear anti-slip safety boots to prevent slips and falls.

If you are wondering where you can procure all these safety equipment at an affordable price, check out this hardware store. They sell fire-fighting equipment, safety products like boots and material handling hardware at really competitive prices. I don’t think you can find anywhere with better prices in the whole of Singapore.

3. Training Your Staff – Hire The Most Handsome Banker

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Training your staff is one thing, but having them taught by a handsome pro is another. Witness the training stylings of Singapore’s most handsome banker – Pedro Cardoso.

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Once your staff know how they can contribute to your new cost-saving strategy, train them to practice good workplace safety habits and to reduce wastage. For instance, train them to use the fire extinguisher properly or to not leave the doors of the freezer open. Training your staff may turn out be really valuable investment for your restaurant.

4. Use Your Inventory

Every day tons of useable food is thrown away by food establishments across the island. Don’t throw away what you have leftover if it is still usable. Engage the chef to see how he can creatively transform leftover food into special dishes.

5. Do Daily Inventory

Do a daily stock keep to deter staff from stealing from you. Things like this do happen and it is important to do a daily inventory to ensure that a staff member won’t secretly take home food or drinks without you noticing.

6. Minimise Delivery

Reevaluate your delivery system to reduce costs at your restaurant. If possible, try to use the same supplier and limit your delivery windows to once or twice a week, this makes it easier to negotiate for better prices.


7. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs is a fast and effective way of bringing down your overall utility bill. These light-bulbs have a lifespan of a few years longer than regular light bulbs.

Cutting costs can be easy! You just have to be savvy about it and it is important to get the entire team on the same page.

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