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Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

cafe - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

If a full blown restaurant is deemed to be a bit too intimidating, a café is often a good choice for budding business owners! Today, we wanted to discuss some of the more popular café trends around the world. When people say ‘café’, you’re not in the wrong if you think of pastries, slices of cake, and a good cup of coffee.

Not necessarily restricted to coffee, cafes have a variety of trends which keep things fresh and interesting. Like:

All Natural Cafes

These cafes have really taken a spike in the last couple of years. Consumers have become really health conscious in the past new years. It’s also a recent trend that healthy food was no longer restricted to simple salads.

All natural and even vegan options are now attracting people in droves. It’s a good way to cash in on a market that really looking for more healthy options for their meals.

cafe2 - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

Themed Cafes

This was something that was usually limited to Japan. As more and more people embraced their culture, more and more people saw that there was a distinct appeal in themed cafes. These cafes can range from being school themed to something more fanciful like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

These themed cafes often have their menus match the source theme. For example, if they were doing a Harry Potter themed café, the menu would have certain ‘food’ made popular by the source material like Butterbeer.

Pop-Up Cafes

This is often the new age tester of anyone who wanted to see how effective their menu or gimmick was. These are often temporary stations that are used to gauge the interest that the public has on the offerings that the owner or the chef is trying to establish.

cafe3 - Café Your Way: Popular Trends in Cafes around the World

What’s great about pop-up cafes is that their temporary status makes the consumer actively look for you. These are great marketing tools that let’s the consumer know you before you setup your brick and mortar location.

In The End

Cafes are a great way to get the pulse on what sort of processes and approaches will be needed when you want to venture into something a bit more formal. Cafes are different from restaurants in the sense that cafes often have a homier feel to it and do not necessarily offer larger meals. Café trends tend to come and go but the really good ones have a pretty loyal fan base.

If you had your own café, what sort of trend would it have?

Talking About Egg Tarts: Information about the Tarts You Should Know

eggtart - Talking About Egg Tarts: Information about the Tarts You Should Know

Portuguese Egg Tarts or Pastel de nata is pretty famous for its taste and texture so it does not surprise us in the least that people will want to serve them in their restaurants or in their events.


Most food nuts will agree that Portuguese Egg Tarts have their roots in Lisbon in the Jeronimos Monastery—rather an odd place for something so delicious. This is because the monks that inhabited this place used copious amounts of egg white in order to starch their clothes. This meant that there was A LOT of egg yolk left over.

egg2 - Talking About Egg Tarts: Information about the Tarts You Should Know

Catholics were pretty much “waste not, want not” in their beliefs so the egg yolks, once separated from their whites, were used for other things like cakes or the meals. They generally kept their recipes to themselves until shortly after 1820 where the monasteries had to find an alternative source of income (as they were no longer supported by the state or by the people around them).

We can probably say that this was a lucky break for egg tart lovers all over the world. Because the monks could not sustain their production but built a pretty loyal fan base for their tarts, they sold the recipe to the people who would eventually open up one of the best pastry shops in the world.

When and Where to Serve

There has been some concern over people who wanted to serve egg tarts in their establishments. Here are some of the concerns that we’ve come across:

  • Is it a dessert?
  • It is an acceptable appetizer?
  • How should it be priced?
  • How acceptable is it for events?

Portuguese egg tarts kind of require a lot of egg yolks so people may consider them a bit on the pricey side to make. However, there is no beating the flavor that you get from them. So here are a few tips about these world famous egg tarts:

egg3 - Talking About Egg Tarts: Information about the Tarts You Should Know

It can make a good breakfast

So for establishments that serve breakfast, a Portuguese egg tart can be a filling breakfast.

Egg tarts are primarily desserts

The creamy custard center is ideal for those who are wrapping up a meal.

In The End

Portuguese egg tarts are a great way to add a lot of flavor to your menu. Any self-confessed foodie will tell you that it’s quite hard to obtain the authentic flavor and really fulfilling flaky shell. So if you’re planning on adding this to your menu, you may want to take a visit to Hong Kong to get a taste of something authentic before you try your own spin on it.

Would you consider adding Portuguese Egg Tarts to your own menus?

Not Just Real Life: Popular Anime Focused On the Topic of Food and Restaurants

img - Not Just Real Life: Popular Anime Focused On the Topic of Food and Restaurants

If there was anything that you can rely on is that when something is deeply ingrained in our collective spheres of consciousness, it will eventually find its way into anime. Anime, otherwise known as Japanese cartoons, have been making waves all over the world. Anime series have a way of depicting real life and even highly surreal ones.

This is why anime is highly capable of starting trends in communities. In today’s discussion, we wanted to take a look at popular anime that have heavily featured food or restaurants. Let’s get started!

Cooking Master Boy

This is one of the older anime in our list. This tale follows the progress of Liu Mao Tsing, a young chef in China. In this world, China takes its culinary work rather seriously where you cannot even open up your restaurant if you have not passed specific tests set out by the government. In their society, there is a “Super Chef” test that rarely anyone ever passes.

We follow young Mao’s journey as he tries to inherit his late mother’s famous restaurant. In his journey he takes us through different native recipes, ingredients, and even ‘legendary’ cooking utensils. It’s a great way to learn something new and enjoy the way that Chinese tend to showcase their reactions as indicative of their movies.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

This one is quite new with its fourth season currently running. It follows the story of Yuhikira Soma and his adventures in the world famous culinary school Totsuki. This anime takes a very academic approach to food.

They even have a great emphasis on the individual specialties and their families’ established restaurants. So the audiences really get to see what goes into flavors, making new recipes, and all new ways to achieve certain effects. Culinary students will get to enjoy their discussions on different ingredients and molecular gastronomy.


This one follows a bittersweet anime about a bartender named Ryu Sasakura. Every episode introduces new characters and new drinks. What is particularly fascinating about this anime is that the audiences are treated to more than just the beautiful motions of mixing a drink.

We get to explore more about the history of certain drinks and we find out more about the people who were behind them. It also offers great insight toward the interior design of a restaurant or bar—a good reference for anyone looking to open their own establishment one day.

In The End

Anime has really come a long way from just being about ninjas with a nine-tailed fox in them to showing slice of life stories which can really help viewers obtain a better understanding of the culinary world. There are so many other anime out there that’s about food, too.

Which anime which centers on food or restaurants have you seen?

Parts of a Whole: Departments Necessary for a Restaurant to Work

rest3 - Parts of a Whole: Departments Necessary for a Restaurant to Work

Restaurants are like a living body in the sense that it requires several parts in order to function properly. Today, we wanted to take you through some of the necessary departments for a restaurant to work. Generally speaking, there are usually three particular departments which have their own sub-sections. Let’s break them down:


This usually refers to the owner of the establishment. They and the people that work under them (HR and Accounting) make up the head of a restaurant. These are the people that are usually in charge of all major decisions like menu building and logistics.

rest1 - Parts of a Whole: Departments Necessary for a Restaurant to Work

Front House

This is the fact that your customers come into contact with: the maitre d’, the servers, and even the bartender falls into this department. They make sure that the service is good and that the orders aren’t lagging. They’re in charge of making sure that there are enough stock of beverages and orders are matched to the suitable tables.

Back House

The back of the house is usually the people in the kitchen. Often described to be the heart of a food place or a restaurant, the chef and the ones that work under him all make sure that the quality of production is maintained. They also make sure to tell administration if there are any issues regarding ingredients or sources.

rest2 - Parts of a Whole: Departments Necessary for a Restaurant to Work

It is all of these departments work together to ensure that the diners are given a wholesome and positive culinary experience. Each department plays a part in making a restaurant a well-oiled machine.

In The End

Restaurants have growing pains and it may take some time until all the necessary departments are in place. When a restaurant is new, that is usually the best time for the owners to really get a feel of what sort of setup they need to have.

What departments do you think are necessary in making sure a restaurant functions well?

Business Talk: Why Is the Business of Food Still so Popular?

food2 - Business Talk: Why Is the Business of Food Still so Popular?

Not everyone is happy working in a boring old office and making someone else rich. No. A lot of the time those who are aiming to build their own business tend to go through a highly familiar route: the business of food. Today, let’s explore why the business of food is still so popular!

Basing it off our own experiences, here are a few of the biggest reasons why:

It’s a Mix of Creativity and Profit

Having a restaurant or any sort of food business is always a great way to strike a balance for the owner as a way to express their creativity and earning a tidy profit, too. Food businesses always have a person with a dream at the very center.

Food3 - Business Talk: Why Is the Business of Food Still so Popular?

The most enduring factor about food businesses is that it is a great way to experiment and revitalize food that has been around and to discover fresh new flavors.

Demand Will Always Exist

As long as people are around, they will need to eat. This is something that is basically encoded into our nature. Eating for survival is always a factor so food businesses will always have a demand for them—especially if your offerings are practical.

food1 - Business Talk: Why Is the Business of Food Still so Popular?

On the glam side of things, eating for the same of experience is something that has also been around for centuries. People like to experience new flavors and restaurants are always good places to find these experiences.

In The End

The business of food has always been quite popular and we believe that it will continue to be a palpable presence in the world of business. Those who are lucky are able to build brands that last for several generations. Many fond memories are always created in food establishments which have their own soul and flavor.

Do you have any interest in trying your hand out in the business of food?